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Sleek. Durable. Ultrasonic.

A cutting-edge case design created with you in mind. Get what you need when you need it!

Eliminate bacteria, unpleasant odors, plaque build-up and unsightly residues for your retainer, aligner or mouthguard in only 3 Minutes with our revolutionary ultrasonic retainer case.

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  • Ultrasonic Power Unleashed

    When docked, a custom-designed ultrasonic transducer built within the Ultrapod's durable shell transforms the sleek steel case into a high power, fully-functional 42,000hz (42khz) ultrasonic cleaner.

  • Vibration leads to Cavitation

    42khz ultrasound reverberates through the Ultrapod's stainless steel case, causing microscopic bubbles to form in a process called cavitation. This happens thousands of times per second!

  • Bubble Cleaning Action

    The bubbles expand and collapse thousands of times per second, forming micro-pockets of turbulence that causes a powerful cleaning effect removing contaminants while keeping your appliances intact within the Ultrapod

Ultrapod FAQs

Is Ultrapod just for retainers?


Ultrapod can be used for retainers, aligners, dentures, mouthguards and even jewelry!
Before ordering, make sure Ultrapod fits for your needs:

The internal capacity with the lid on is roughly 18mm high and 73mm across. If something doesn't fit, let us know as we're working on a larger case for other uses!

How long does Ultrapod take to clean?

3 Minutes!

The days of waiting 5 minutes for your retainers to clean are over. We've optimized Ultrapod to be far more efficient (40%) than other ultrasonic cleaners on the market.

Does Ultrapod have a rechargeable battery?


The goals we set for Ultrapod's modular design are to maximize portability, reliability and repairability in order to cut down on waste caused by short product lives.
Adding a battery would cancel out a lot of these goals as most battery tech is very bad for the environment, adds bulk and reduces the product's theoretical lifespan.

Can I just use my toothbrush or cleaning tablet?


Studies have shown that the best possible way to clean your appliances is with the use of a cleaning tablet AND Ultrasonic cleaner. That being said, we do not think you have to use an ultrasonic cleaner or tablet every day.

P.S. we're working on a new tablet system too 🤫

Toothbrushes are just mechanical cleaners with very limited cleaning potential compared to ultrasonics. Toothbrushes also offer zero antibacterial properties outside of physical removal.

Believe it or not, over-the-counter (OTC) toothpastes are not actually anti-bacterial. Toothpaste is primarily a mechanical aid to remove bacteria, not kill them. In fact, toothpaste is more of a oral freshener than an oral cleaner. While fluoride has some anti-bacterial properties, it's mainly used for enamel repair. If you were to use a toothbrush, you can just avoid toothpaste altogether.

Only a few toothpastes have antibacterial properties, and they use Triclosan, which is linked to a number bad effects in humans.

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  • Never brush your oral appliances again

    Keep your mouthguards, aligners, retainers and other dental appliances safe from odors, stains and bacteria

  • A revolutionary design without compromise

    A sleek, water-tight case keeps your appliances clean on the go, but becomes a powerful ultrasonic when you need it.

  • Clinical-grade cleaning technology

    Ultrasonic cleaners have existed for decades as a reliable and well understood method for clinical dental cleaning applications worldwide.