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Ultradock - Ultrasonic Cleaner Power Base

Ultradock - Ultrasonic Cleaner Power Base

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We're changing the way people use electronics with the Ultradock! Sick of the clutter caused by multiple cheap "proprietary" cords and wall plugs used by other brands to power their products? The Ultradock aims to solve this problem by creating a universal, modular power delivery system to maximize compatibility, minimize e-waste and cut down the amount of cords.

  • Required to enable ultrasonic functioning of the Ultrapod ultrasonic retainer case
  • Utilizes the latest USB-C Technology for flexible usage
  • A modular power base with quick-swap capability.
  • Made from Bamboo or Wood to minimize plastic waste

What's in the box:
- Ultradock Power Base for Ultrapod
- USB-C Charging wall-plug and cable

Product information:

Power input: USB-C
Rated power: 25w 
Shell material: ABS

Product Dimensions: 3.22”D x 1.25”H


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